About us


Since 1980 GOLDEN CAMERA  has established itself Best Photography & Film Equipment Shop and the place to go for the best prices and service for photographic, audio, video, needs. But the retail world has changed dramatically since we first opened our doors and with the advent of the internet the parameters of our Store have expanded well beyond the corner of regal chouk saddar karachi. Today we are deals in most famous on advance technology in cinematography equipment..

What We Really Do?

GOLDEN CAMERA is operating since 1980, and we have created a marketplace for all your camera needs. Our sections cover a range of possibilities, including filmmaking-cameras , Drones, point & shoot cameras, Mirrorless-cameras, DSLR cameras, sports and action cameras.

To help you get better at photography and filming, we have made a collection of camera accessories for indoor and outdoor adventures.

We have everything you need to start your studio. World-renowned brands are just a click away from you. Whether you want lighting-studio equipment Tripods, gimbals, microphones, camera-bags, camera lenses, studio and production or any hard-to-find equipment, we have you covered. We are offering solutions at a different price range for beginners, advanced amateurs, and professionals.

Our Vision

GOLDEN CAMERA(Pakistan’s Best Photography & Film Equipment Shop) is just one of the ways we are expanding the personal service and professional insights our store customers have come to expect (and respect) to include a dialog that can be heard well beyond our sales counters.

We are here to confer, converse and otherwise hobnob with you, our friends and customers. We are passionate about what we do and passionate to know more about what you do, your art, your hobby, your appreciation of all things gadgets, gear, and gizmos. If you have a chance, tell us more about what you would like us to share with you on Facebook


GOLDEN CAMERA is the best online store with a long list of photography and film -making equipment in Pakistan. We deliver your favorite equipment to your doorsteps. Our store is not limited to popular cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. We have express delivery service nationwide, including difficult to reach rural areas.